Filezilla upgrade

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Filezilla upgrade

Postby fahl » 11. June 2012 09:39

Is it possible to upgrade filezilla to latest version.
If so how do i go about it
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Re: Filezilla upgrade

Postby Altrea » 12. June 2012 05:42

Hi fahl,

upgrading any of the XAMPP single components is not supported here.
But because FileZilla Server is very loose coupled it can be easy upgraded.

  • stop your FileZilla processes if running
  • rename your \xampp\FileZillaFTP folder to have a backup if anything fails
  • install the current version of FileZilla Server (Components FileZilla Server (Service) + Administration Interface, nothing more) to \xampp\FileZillaFTP
  • don't install any FileZilla Services the installation process recommends
  • copy the configuration files FileZilla Server.xml + FileZilla Server Interface.xml from your backup to your \xampp\FileZillaFTP folder
  • rename (or copy) your FileZilla server.exe to FileZillaServer.exe (the XAMPP batch files are matching that name)
  • Start your XAMPP control panel and start your FileZilla Server from it
  • Start your FileZilla Administration interface, go to the settings and confirm them once (just if anything in the configs are changed)

This instruction is without any warranty. Errors resulting of this upgrade can't be supported here.

best wishes,
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