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Postby dalawh » 07. June 2012 16:03

Is there a tutorial on how to use XAMPP? I have no idea how to use anything.
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Re: Tutorial?

Postby Altrea » 07. June 2012 23:43

Hi dalawh,

You should start new threads with a short welcome line. It is a matter of politeness and don't cost time.
Your thread was posted in the german part of this board. I have moved it for you. Next time please take take a minute to orientate yourself first before you start a new post.

Your "issue" is not easy to answer. XAMPP itself is just a bundle of well known default components. They are preconfigured to be ready to start and connected by very few things:
  • The XAMPP control panel where you can start and stop the components
    You can find it in your \xampp\ folder
  • The orange XAMPP Administration Page where you can find some example applications, informations about configuration parameters, a link to your database administration tool phpmyadmin and some more things

Some places to read first before you start:

After that you should know where you have to put your files, where the log files and configuration files are located, how to avoid some of the basic problems, etc.
For concrete problems you can try to use the board search here. Many of the basic problems are solved here many times before.
You should have a concrete goal to achieve, because the things you can do with XAMPP are nearly unlimited. That you make things and providing help much easier.

best wishes,
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