How can I configure mssql to driver to be set in the php.ini

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How can I configure mssql to driver to be set in the php.ini

Postby alvin567 » 03. June 2012 06:33

Sorry,I mean I have downloaded the parameter and the relevant .ddl but I couldn't seems to get the issue resolve.

Warning (512): PHP SQL Server interface is not installed, cannot continue. For troubleshooting information, see [CORE\cake\libs\model\datasources\dbo\dbo_mssql.php, line 121]
Fatal error: Call to undefined function mssql_min_message_severity() in C:\xampp\htdocs\lawsocscheme\cake\libs\model\datasources\dbo\dbo_mssql.php on line 123
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Re: How can I configure mssql to driver to be set in the php

Postby Altrea » 03. June 2012 14:21

Hi alvin567,

What you do wrong:
  • no introducing welcome line (politeness)
  • three posts for this? c'mon! There is a edit button you can use for this. (I've merged your posts for you)
  • crossposting (the topic at phpfreaks is still open)
  • not really much information (far away from being a qualified error reporting)

next time (and i really mean from now on) you should take much more time and effort to produce board posts that have much more quality.
Otherwise getting help for you here will get really difficult.

php_mssql.dll is no longer part of the XAMPP package and can't easyly be introduced to it.
You have the choice to change your code to work with sqlsrv (all function_names for this database driver have to be changed) or you search for a mapper like this one: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=50434&p=194209&hilit=mapper#p194110

best wishes,
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