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Postby Tedh » 31. May 2012 23:08

Hi, I've just installed XAMPP and have the basic thing working.

How do I install Python into XAMPP?

Please note, I am more a point and click person when it comes to server stuff, so please go easy on me - thanks.

I did look on the web, but there seems to be conflicting ways to do this :? , so have come here for advice and help. I want to learn Python and this looks the best way for me to do it. I did use indigoPerl but it looks as though XAMPP is "shaped" more like a live server, so have switched to it.

I have downloaded Python 3.2.3

Cheers - Ted
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Re: Python

Postby JonB » 01. June 2012 01:34

Read my response on Python:


The same is true on Windows or Linux.

You could install ActivePython form ActiveState or use teh one you have downloaded - you would just change the shebang line.

BTW, servers aren't very point & clicky, nor is programming. "just sayin' " :shock:

Good Luck with your project.
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