How do i configure name servers?

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How do i configure name servers?

Postby Awesomeslayerg » 28. May 2012 00:12

Hey guys,

Im new here and wondering if there is anyway to create a nameserver for my xampp server. I want to use a dot tk donain thats why and im on a windows xp pro pc.

I tried using no-ip, but i dont want to mask it.
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Re: How do i configure name servers?

Postby Altrea » 28. May 2012 08:39

Hi Awesomeslayerg,

I don't understand what you are trying to do. The DomainName is already a type of DNS. Your Domainname will be resolved to a specific IP-Address.
If you have a dynamic changing IP Address you need some service like no-ip. This service can be configured to update your IP if it is changing. Your URL have to be redirectled to that no-ip URL if you don't want to use the no-ip URL directly.

A name resolution for computernames doesn't exist in the internet (and woudn_t make any sense there because of naming collisions).

best wishes,
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