Is Xampp still actively developed for Windows?

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Is Xampp still actively developed for Windows?

Postby ScottP » 18. May 2012 00:39

Seems like the same bugs have been around with Xampp in Windows for months/years? Cannot stop/start services from the control panel in a default install etc. Is there another project that's taken over from Xampp for Windows? Running Windows 7 x64 here, BTW - is this even a supported platform?

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Re: Is Xampp still actively developed for Windows?

Postby hackattack142 » 18. May 2012 14:39

It is still being worked on (you can get the latest beta here if you want to try it out: It runs fine on all instances of my Win7 x64. Make sure to use the newer control panel (xampp-control-3-beta.exe) or the updated one here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=48932

You will need to be more specific as to what all your issues are. Not being able to start/stop services sounds like a permissions issue not as XAMPP issue. You need to have Admin privileges to control Windows services so make sure either your user has Admin privileges or you start the control panel with Admin privileges (right-click, run as Administrator).
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Re: Is Xampp still actively developed for Windows?

Postby JonB » 18. May 2012 15:23

I have to agree with hackattack - personally, "I" have not had a lot of issues. When I have had them, some detective work and a few questions have usually resolved them.

As it happens, XAMPP (or WAMPServer for that matter) are pretty amazing tools - they are almost completely transparent to the installed OS. No Windows registry entries, all done with command line directives and/or scripts - PLUS a Control Panel. Ditto on Mac, Linux and Solaris - the OS has no idea they are there - easy to install, just as easy to remove.

Again, I agree with hackattack in that most of those issues are much more about the Windows OS, than the Linux originated projects that have been ported to Windows. All the 'big pieces' of XAMPP -- 100% -- have their origins in Unix/Linux and have unresolvable OS differentiations (such as executables, authentication and security and filesystem considerations) that have to be overcome and 're--rejiggered' every time there is a new Windows OS or Service Pack. AND its all done by unpaid volunteers from all over the world. Actually -- that's pretty amazing, too :shock:

ON THE OTHER HAND - there is no longer any reason someone cannot easily build a stack with standard, standalone installations on either Windows or Linux - Macs and Solaris are their own ball of wax -- not so easy -- ditto ARM (for now) and Itanium processors.

So you certainly have options.

Good Luck with whatever you chose to do

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