Paid Support Please - I'll give you money [Answered]

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Paid Support Please - I'll give you money [Answered]

Postby zenorb » 14. May 2012 15:20

Hi Folks

I've installed XAMPP. Succesfully I think. I've copied my remote hosted Wordpress site into the htdocs folder.

I've duplicated the remote hosted SQL database locally and added User with same name and password.

Should it be as simple as clicking on - X:\xampp\htdocs\sitename\index.php to see my local version of my Wordpress site in my browser?

It's not working and I don't know why.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful.

I'm happy to pay someone for support via TeamViewer if that's an easy option. If I'm breaking any rules by requesting paid support just let me know and I'll remove the request.

Any people who don't mind being paid for their talents please just send me a PM with your email address, Skype ID, location in the world (so I know your timezone) and your hourly rate.

If people are happy to post replies for the benefit of myself and the community at large then great and thank you. Also feel free to PM me anyway as I'm looking for people who are available for ongoing adhoc support also if you're interested in supplementing your income.

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Re: Paid Support Please - I'll give you money.

Postby Altrea » 14. May 2012 19:13

Hi Z,

Well, your thread touches some rules which are important on community boards at general and Apache Friends Board as special.

The most important thing about a community board is the community. That means users are helping users. Your thread should be helpful for others who are searching for help with the same issue too. This can't be achieved if someone help you via PM, Mail, Skype, Teamviewer or something else the community can't see. Such a support can only be the very last option here, and only under the rules that the issue and solution is described here later very detailed.

Secondly commercial support is not giving here. There are much much freelancers at the well known freelancer job boards out there who are just waiting for your request. But this board here only provide free help from free volunteers. This can have the negative effect that your issues maybe cannot be solved at a minimum of time (we all have jobs and spend our freetime here).

Third sentence about the "rules" here: Please would you be so kind to add your XAMPP version and OS version information in your personal profile information? This will help us in further issues to provide you the correct help for your own environment.

Okay, now to your issue.

zenorb wrote:Should it be as simple as clicking on - X:\xampp\htdocs\sitename\index.php to see my local version of my Wordpress site in my browser?

Just (double)clicking or open the file directly in your browser with drag and drop or the open dialog can't work with webscript files. The reason for this is, that your browser can't know, that this file has to be processed by a php interpreter first and where he can find such an interpreter. Your browser just tries to do his best to display the data he finds in that file.

Webscript files has to be requested with a valid URL, like they are saved somewhere in the internet. For scripts saved on your own computer, the domainname localhost is mapped to your own computers loopback IP address This domainname can be used in URLs.

Your Apache Webserver is listening on requests from a special port (by default port 80) and tries to find the file inside his allowed folder structure.
By default \xampp\htdocs\ is the root folder for your Apache. This root folder can be requested very simple by requesting your local domainname http://localhost/
Every folder and file inside this root folder can be accessed by adding the name of it in the URL. For your example:
If you want to request your file \xampp\htdocs\sitename\index.php The URL will be http://localhost/sitename/index.php

I hope this is helpful for you :D

best wishes,
We don't provide any support via personal channels like PM, email, Skype, TeamViewer!

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