Database name

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Database name

Postby jessica_lamb » 14. May 2012 06:42

This time I am not getting any kind of error message except for in the program that I'm uploading to Apache....It's asking me for the following information....

Enter the database host name localhost
Enter the database name (the database must exist on the server) cannot be empty
If this database is shared with another application, enter a prefix to use for this installation (use only alphabet characters and underscore):
Enter the database username root
Enter the database password cannot be empty

I figured out how to change the database password but I can't seem to find the database name....I've tried MYSQL; mysql; and MySQL and none of those can I either find the name or change the name?
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Re: Database name

Postby Altrea » 14. May 2012 13:27

Hi Jessica,

For your application you have to create a new database.
This can be done in the database tab of your phpmyadmin.
You can choose the name you want.

best wishes,
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