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multi-bay external hard drive compatibility

PostPosted: 12. May 2012 00:45
by lightfighter_cook
Hello all,

I'm trying to get an external hard drive to be mapped through an alias in xampp. The goal is to be able to pull up files from this hard drive on a web page hosted on our home server. I was hoping to find a hard drive that has RAID 5, so there is a redundency so if one of the hard drives crash, none of the data is lost. I was looking at the following to fill this: (the StarTech S354UFER)

Will this external 4 bay-RAID 5-external hard drive work with xampp as an alias? Can I pull up files from a web page on our home xampp server by using http://ip-address-of-host-computer/alias/folder/file to pull up the files to include inside of the web page?

If not, can any one please recommend a 4 bay mass storage device that has RAID 5 so no data will be lost if a hard drive crashes?

Re: multi-bay external hard drive compatibility

PostPosted: 12. May 2012 14:52
by JonB
since you didn't supply the Windows or XAMPP versions you are using either in the post or in your profile, there's a couple of variables.

If that is connected via USB or eSata as a single volume, you could probably just create a vhost on it

The Alias directive is to silently re-direct within the ServerRoot.

The answer is - it will almost certainly work - Raid 5 is a bit of an overkill IMO but good luck