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xampp problems executing setup

PostPosted: 08. May 2012 11:29
by bosy
well actually is not a problem executing setup, but after i do and im ready to start apache and mysql i realised that the paths werent changed, so the programs cant start, i suppose it was problems on credentials, or anything similar but i have no clue about whats happening

i dont know its helpfull but i have installed avast.
(alwys at starting programs its come out asking me if im sure i want to start them)
Thank you

xampp version 1.7.4
control 2.5

Re: xampp problems executing setup

PostPosted: 08. May 2012 18:58
by JonB
Well other than there's no mention of what version of Windows you are running (could be an issue) or where XAMPP is installed, or what actual errors you are getting its all perfectly clear.

Fortunately the XAMPP developers anticipated this and put a batch file in the root of the \xampp folder. IF the files are workable and simply in the wrong folder due to relocation, it will fix it. The file's name is setup_xampp.bat. It will ask you a couple questions, and then try to fix things by editing the required configuration file. As I recall it was till present in 1.7.4,

If it is not, you can always just delete the XAMPP folder and install again, provided you did not 'run as service' on Pache, MySQL or Filezilla -- if you did you will have to remove them as Windows Services.

Good Luck


Re: xampp problems executing setup

PostPosted: 08. May 2012 20:09
by bosy
well the problem is when i execute the setup u said

let me show u some examples of failure.

first of all when i start the control current directory...
no installer package found

second if i start mysql from executable it shows "cant create test file "PATHS from the last time it went ok"".

thank you

I used windows xp and seven and it doesnt work.

Re: xampp problems executing setup

PostPosted: 08. May 2012 21:33
by JonB

A. I have no idea what you mean when you say 'i start the control current directory...'

Do you mean when you try to start the XAMPP Control Panel?

B. Have you tried using the 'mysql_start.bat' file in the root folder of \xampp?.

XAMPP is NOT a 'LAMP' nor is it a group of standalone installations of separate software. Its a Server Suite that is self contained, it doesn't use the Windows registry at all. It ALSO IS a Control Panel + a series of scripts (batch files) that calls the various executables and provides the environment for them to operate. I say this so you will understand that if you have used other tools to work with Apache or MySQL - those experiences may not be helpful in this environment.

The "correct" way to start XAMPP and any of its parts it to either use the Control Panel or the batch files found in the root of \xampp.

Good Luck.