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remote webserver [solved]

PostPosted: 08. May 2012 10:31
by vdiesveld
i'm from holland so forgive me my bad english. i have a question.
I installed xampp en created a website and everything works fine locally. I just type in my adress bar in Internet Explorer http://localhost/websitename. Then i forwarded port 80 on my adsl modem to the pc where xampp / website is installed on. Now is my question (i'm not really into webservers):
How do i connect to my website remotely? My pc at home is up and running, so are the services in xampp. I'm at a pc in another part of the world. What do i do next? Start a webbrowser and then what? Typing http:// and then the external ip adres of my modem doesn't work.

I found the problerm. Stupid firewall blocked all incoming traffic...