Configure xampp as a secure server for real use

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Configure xampp as a secure server for real use

Postby hts » 05. May 2012 19:28

I would like to build up a server for real use by xampp
I know xampp is recommended for development but it is very convenient
and hence I would like to configure the settings in xampp so that it can be used as a 'real' secure server

Besides the points listed on,
I would like to know any other important settings I should notify.
Can anyone give me a list containing those further settings?

One more question...
in the page http://localhost/security/index.php,
there is one reminder - "These XAMPP pages are accessible by network for everyone"
As a server for real use, the server should be still accessible by network for everyone after some modification on settings
Am I right? Should I keep it is accessible by network for everyone?

Thank you very much if you can help :)
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Re: Configure xampp as a secure server for real use

Postby Altrea » 05. May 2012 21:22

Hi hts (there is always time for a welcome line. It is part of a well formed forum thread following the netiquette),

hts wrote:I know xampp is recommended for development

It is not just recommended. You will not get here any support from the moderators how to configure XAMPP fpr production environments.
Some reasons for this:
  • you have to effort more time to get XAMPP configured secure enough for such an environment then to configure all the single conponents for the same purpose.
  • XAMPP component are not supported for update at single components, which can be very important for security (remember the last php issue)
  • You should have a very good knowledge about hardening your server and server components if you want to administrate your own live server. I don't think you have this knowledge.

best wishes,
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