XAMPP Upgrade 1.5.4a to 1.7.7 /o\

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XAMPP Upgrade 1.5.4a to 1.7.7 /o\

Postby YourMan » 04. May 2012 22:35

HI there,

I know this is horrible I inherited this setup.
I was just wondering has any one done this before and has any advice.

I know there is no upgrade path but I have tried installing 1.7.7 and then copy over the htdoc files and mysql data folder.
But the mysql error logs show that the database structure has changed and to run mysql_upgrade which does not exist on my install for some reason.
Also my user gets wiped out but i know how to recover from that , I managed to fix these errors.

I have this problem where the xxamp-control.exe will not launch Apache and the beta one will launch apache
mySql will start using xxamp-control.exe.

I ended up using the batch files and these work but its not ideal

The issue I have left is that I can connect to mySQL using Hedi SQL but
No php with database access seems to work with the same user I logged in with using Hedi SQL.
Any ideas ?

Have i missed up the way i did the upgrade should i go through an intermediate version ?
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Re: XAMPP Upgrade 1.5.4a to 1.7.7 /o\

Postby JonB » 06. May 2012 22:49

You have to export the MySQL data and then import it into the new installation.

You can do that with phpMyAdmin, the MySQL CLI - mysqldump.exe or the free MySQL Workbench tool.

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Good Luck
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