Problems with phing

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Problems with phing

Postby joeydaly » 03. May 2012 12:13


Trying out phing and just can't get it working.

Using XAMPP 1.7 I use the beta control panel to use XAMPP_SHELL and I tried running the following:

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Joey@JOEYNETBOOK c:\xampp
# pear install -a phing/phing
Ignoring installed package phing/phing
Nothing to install

Joey@JOEYNETBOOK c:\xampp
# phing
Buildfile: C:\xampp\build.xml

Can't load default task list
Total time: 0.0051 seconds

Joey@JOEYNETBOOK c:\xampp
# phing -v
No VERSION.TXT file found; try setting phing.home environment variable.

Joey@JOEYNETBOOK c:\xampp

Anyone got any ideas? I googled around and found some solutions and nothing has worked so far. I tried adding PEAR/data to php include_path in php.ini and that didn't do anything,

Has anyone got this working?
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Re: Problems with phing

Postby JonB » 03. May 2012 21:37

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