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Re: sending email using php

Postby Hamish » 21. April 2012 15:08

With ref to 'Sharley's' discussion with 'jogun' in Feb 2011, I have exactly the same problem: I have followed her advice all the way through the process - editing the php.ini file, creating the mailtest.php and getting the result bool(true) - and, like jogun, my system tells me that it has generated an email, but when I go to Outlook no email is either generated or received. Here's the thing - Sharley and jogun talk of 'sendmail.log' files and sendmail.ini files but I have searched my computer from top to bottom and have no trace; all I have in the sendamil sub-directory is the .exe, and a sendmail.configuration and sendmail_example.configuration file.

Where do I go from here?


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