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Different location for php files?

PostPosted: 19. April 2012 17:49
by carlhussey

Here is my situation. I am able to run the server from a flash drive as intended but the computer I'm running it on doesn't allow media (flash drives) to be written to. So I'm not able to edit and make changes to my php files because i cant save them back on the flash drive.

Is there any way to have any php file ran from the computer pass through the server? For example if i had a folder on the desktop, i could have all my php files in there and they would be editable etc. I just would need to get those to run through the php server.

Is something like this possible?

Re: Different location for php files?

PostPosted: 19. April 2012 20:33
by Altrea
Hi carlhussey,

well, there are some possibilities to redefine the DocumentRoot or folder where files where searched by apache.
But does this makes sense to have a portable webserver stack on flash drive and script files on local computer?

btw: loading sourcefiles from the desktop is not recommend because this folder includes whitespaces and maybe specialchars. You should (if you really want to do this) choose a folder without such chars, like C:\Web or something like that.

best wishes,