Caching of PHP includes done via HTTP?

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Caching of PHP includes done via HTTP?

Postby otravers » 13. April 2012 20:59


I am running Wordpress mixed with custom PHP code on my Windows 7 PC rather successfully, save for one weird issue. I call snippets of PHP code included from a remote web server using the following in a local PHP page:

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This works except for the fact that once I update the file, locally executing the PHP page that calls it does not reflect any remote updates. It feels as if something in the XAMPP stack was caching includes done over HTTP. I've tried hard browser refreshes and loading from a different browser, this didn't help. I can even delete the remote include file and the local PHP file still loads as if the remote include was still available out there. Even restarting Apache doesn't help, only a reboot seems to do the trick.

I've searched on this forum and googled around but didn't find an answer, just saw someone else reporting what looks like a somewhat similar problem on StackOverflow:

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