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[Solved] Uninstalled Xampp, cannot Delete C:\xampp Folder??

PostPosted: 11. April 2012 20:35
by CreativeCode
Hey guys,

I am very new to developing and messed up my drupal 7 localhost site due to altering a subtheme. After initial frustration i realized all I had really done was install Omega Theme Framework; so uninstalling drupal 7 didn't bother me. I uninstalled it to merely reinstall it and find that Drupal had already been installed on my Localhost. I then tried uninstalling Xampp from the uninstall icon in the directory to gain a "fresh" start, I got all the way through the uninstall process before it said that it was unable to delete the directory. I then went to my C:\ and tried deleting it directly and was unable to because the folder or a file within the folder was in use somewhere else. I have read forums all morning trying to solve this issue on my own but have come up short. I understand this is probably a rookie mistake but I would really appreciate any advice on the subject. I understand that any advice given is an act of your own generosity so I'd like to thank you first and hope that someone has had and conquered this issue in the past. Thanks again


Trying to Delete


Re: Uninstalled Xampp, But cannot Delete C:\xampp Folder??

PostPosted: 13. April 2012 19:26
by CreativeCode

Found that safe mode deletion is the best solution for this problem.