Restore database from frm files

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Restore database from frm files

Postby ilona » 10. April 2012 12:08

Hello everyone...

I am new at Xampp and I already faced some problems. I did a local installation of Moodle (1.9) which creates the following files:
moodle (dropped it to htdocs files)
moodledata inside xampp file and
moodle inside mysql file.

I took these files and moved them to another computer, in order to open my class. But I cannot do that. As I can see, when I put
the mysql file to the appropriate location, my database cannot read the tables. The only existing files are *.frm.
How can I restore my database?

Please help. It is very important to get my class restored and I don't have access to the old computer.

Thank you in advance...
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