php script not generating tables

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php script not generating tables

Postby bobl61 » 01. April 2012 01:06

I am runnning XAMPP 1.7.7 on a Windows XP box. I am trying to generate player stats with VSP Stats. The script (vsp.php) is supposed to automatically generate tables within the database I have all ready created. I'm getting the following error:
Code: Select all
                     vsp stats processor (c) 2004-2005                         
                               version 0.45-xp-1.1.2                                   
                 vsp by myrddin (myrddin8 AT gmail DOT com)                   

max_execution_time is 0

[command-line options]: Array
    [parser-options] => Array
            [gametype] => xp
            [savestate] => 1

    [prompt] => 1
    [log-gamecode] => q3a
    [log-gametype] => xp
    [logfile] => C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Quake3\excessiveplus\games.log
    [config] => pub/configs/cfg-default.php
Populating ip to country table...done
[parser options]: Array
    [savestate] => 1
    [gametype] => xp
    [backuppath] =>
    [trackID] => playerName
    [xp_version] => 200
savestate 1 processing enabled
Analyzing game 0001 (00.01%) warmup game, ignored
Analyzing game 0002 (00.04%) updating database...

Error: Table 'vsp.vsp_gamedata' doesn't exist
Query: REPLACE INTO vsp_gamedata (gameID, name, value) VALUES (133322935728629500, '_v_time_start', '2012-03-29 21:43:53'), (133322935728629500, '_v_map', 'q3dm0'), (133322935728629500, '_v_game', 'q3a'), (133322935728629500, '_v_mod', 'excessiveplus'), (133322935728629500, '_v_game_type', '0'), (133322935728629500, '_v_players', '3'), (0, 'last update time', '2012-03-31 23:29:17'), (0, 'vsp version', '0.45-xp-1.1.2')

Any ideas why the tables aren't being created?
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Re: php script not generating tables

Postby Sharley » 01. April 2012 01:56

Is that the full script in the vsp.php file as I don't see <?php at the top of the script or ?> at the end of the script to tell Apache to parse the PHP code?

In 1.7.7 there is a php_error_log error file in \xampp\php\logs folder that you read by dragging it into an open text editor.

Also the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file may have an entry for your issue.

If your vsp files and folders are not in the htdocs folder then this may also present access issues.

Where did you install XAMPP on your system?
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