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need help with xampp copy [Solved]

PostPosted: 23. March 2012 20:01
by kirkwebsites
I copied my xampp system from my win7 laptop to my winxp desktop. I want to know how use the system from my copy. I went to My computer>Local disk>Xampp>and started the Xampp control console. That got apache and mysql running. I looked into htdocs and viewed the code for some of the files. I then keyed in the localhost site and viewed the phpmyadmin databases. But php isn't working. I just need to know the proper procedure to start the system working. I prefer not downloading xampp again.

Re: need help with xampp copy

PostPosted: 24. March 2012 01:29
by Sharley
When ever you move XAMPP to a new location first make sure everything is stopped including Exiting or Quitting the control panel and the components Windows services.

Then after the move run the setup_xampp.bat file found in the xampp folder in the new location to set the new paths before starting any of the components including the control panel first making sure that there are no Windows services installed ie. not ticks in the Svc or (Services column in XCPv3) check boxes.

Re: need help with xampp copy

PostPosted: 25. March 2012 04:48
by kirkwebsites
that did it, thanks