Problems with Filezilla and Phpmyadmin

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Problems with Filezilla and Phpmyadmin

Postby Coryu » 23. March 2012 11:08

I communicate with you to see if someone can solve these problems. I just installed Xampp on my computer and I have opened all the ports required for operation.

With Filezilla the problem I have is that it works locally but when I put the IP or domain is not working. So if it works locally but not online. If you want to try to attempt to access my web site.

Later in the phpmyadmin I'd like to work from the internet but I can not. When I access I get:

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 Access Forbidden!

XAMPP new security concept:

Access to the requested directory is available only from the local network.

This setting can be configured in the file "httpd-xampp.conf."

I went into that file out there and I've changed the parameter. I deleted the option |phpmyadmin|. After rebooting the server I get that I have no rights to enter, but also not let me enter local. I have to leave the file httpd-xampp.conf as it was to enter the phpmyadmin.

Anyone know what could it be?

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