Can not get configured

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Can not get configured

Postby mlswyo » 21. March 2012 15:46

I am new with XAMPP and as of today very frustrated with it. I have installed and uninstalled many times. I finally got it working. But then tried to set up virtualhosts, unsuccessfully. So I removed everything I had add for virtualhosts. It will not work at all, again. When I ping, localhost is identified. When I ping localhost the correct IP is returned. It does not recognize any of the web sites that did work--Joomla, Symfony, Orangehrm. When I type http://localhost/ i get the message that it works but not seeing the website I wanted or something to that effect. How do I get it to show the XAMPP home screen? Here is where i have real problems with published installation procedures. I get down to where it says and now you should see such and such. Then they go on. No mention is given of what if that is not what I see? Everyone that writes installation directions do the same thing--assume everything will go correct--unfortunately for some of us greenhorns, they don't go as assume. HELP

Then all of a sudden it started redirecting localhost to

What to do? uninstall and start over? The really frustrating thing is that when I search for possible solutions I find numerous solutions, all different and believe me, I've tried nearly all I can find. Surely there is something available that would help me get this system working and keep it working. I want something that will help learn and understand but not be just a bunch of abbreviations and technical garbage.

I would appreciate someone listing for me a specific set of actions I can take to get this resolved. I want to learn how to deal with it but at this point I just want it going again.

Thanks for any help you can get. I'd appreciate you not picking on my in-experience--I acknowledge that.
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