xampp is local but not public O.O

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xampp is local but not public O.O

Postby omariskewl » 09. March 2012 18:50

Alright guys this is the problem,
If i open up port 80 on the router and my firewall and put my index.html/php in the htdocs folder and then register at no-ip.com with dangoflyff.zapto.org others with apache started on xampp OTHERS should be able to connect to my server publicly ( outside of the network ) but that isn't the case here i don't get any errors and i can only connect to the website locally ( on other computers connected to my router ) by going to the website AND by the IP. Are there and steps i am missing to make the website public ? The web address in the index of the website are all with dangoflyff.zapto.org. ( Running windows 7 home edition and my ISP is comcast and i have a Belkin router. )
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Re: xampp is local but not public O.O

Postby Altrea » 09. March 2012 20:47

Hi omariskewl,

XAMPP is not secure enough for public access by default. You shouldn't use it for that exept you know exactly what you do and have enough experience and knowledge how to harden a Windows OS and AMP-bundle.
I really really hope you have hardened your XAMPP server before you have made it accessible from outside.

Why don't you use other Stacks like Zend Server (CE) which is made and secure enough for production environments?
Or why don't you install Apache, MySQL and PHP as single components and just activate the modules and functions you really need?

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