How do I import large SQL DB using phpmyadmin? [SOLVED]

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Re: How do I import large SQL DB using phpmyadmin? [SOLVED]

Postby Nobbie » 05. November 2012 22:56

Filip_nikita wrote:Do You need this?

Yes, in order to see if you really changed the right php.ini

As you can see, you are working on the WRONG php.ini, as all variables are NOT changed as you mentioned. And as you can see, php.ini is NOT located in c:/xampp/php/php.ini but in C:\Users\Marija\Desktop\xampp\php\php.ini

And as you can also see, the DocumentRoot is NOT located at c:/xampp/htdocs, but in C:/Users/Marija/Desktop/xampp/htdocs

This all means: you did NOT install Xampp correctly to C:/xampp, but to C:/Users/Marija/Desktop/xampp

Obviously, you installed Xampp into your desktop, instead to the root folder of C:/
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