Local path for different directory?

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Local path for different directory?

Postby Xee » 04. March 2012 20:50

I am running phpBB3 and WordPress in the same installation of XAMPP. I installed a plugin in Wordpress to automatically create a topic in my forum of any new posts in WordPress. However, this plugin asks for the local path of the phpBB installation but no matter what I enter into the field it cannot find the forum (WordPress is in the "wpbfo" directory and the forum is in the "forum" directory). If it helps, here is the code from the plugin regarding asking for the local path:

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<tr valign="top">
    <th scope="row"><label><?php _e("phpBB local path:", 'mt_trans_domain' ); ?></label></th>
    <td><input type="text" name="wp2bb_phpbbpath" value="<?php echo $opt_phpbbpath_val; ?>" size="60">
        if (file_exists($opt_phpbbpath_val . '/config.php')) echo ('<br/>PhpBB found');
        else echo ('<br><strong>PhpBB NOT FOUND!</strong>');
    <td>Local path of your phpbb installation<br/>(probably <?php
          $wpl=substr(__FILE__,0,stripos(__FILE__, '/wp-content'));
          $bbl= substr($wpl,0,stripos($wpl,strrchr($wpl,'/'))) . '<em>/myforum</em>';
          echo ('<strong>' . $bbl . '</strong>');

And here is how it looks like in the plugin settings page:

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Re: Local path for different directory?

Postby JonB » 06. March 2012 04:20

try giving it an absolute path (it does say LOCAL path)

i.e. something like 'c://xampp/htdocs/forum' you might need to experiment with forward backward slashes and the matter of escaped slashes.

Just my guess

Good Luck
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