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Sybase module errors

PostPosted: 26. March 2004 06:02
by lbecraft
I am trying to get to a Sybase database from php using ADOdb, on a WindowsXP pro box.

I uncommented extension=php_sybase_ct.dll' in php.ini

when I restart Apache2 I get the following error message box:

Unknown(): 'C:\xampp\php\extensions\php_sybase_ct.dll' - The specific module not found

'C:\xampp\php\extensions\php_sybase_ct.dll' does exist and I also tried to copy it \Windows\System32\ folder.

Has anyone succeeded in Sybase from PHP-Apache on an XP box?

PostPosted: 26. March 2004 13:39
by Wiedmann
You must install the Sybase client libraries too.

PostPosted: 26. March 2004 22:01
by lbecraft
The entire Sybase server and client libraries are installed. I can access the database through all the graphical and command line unitilities.