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LDAP Help please.. :cry:

PostPosted: 27. February 2012 15:32
by Dan ATR
Hia all,

I have on a server here XAMPP version 1.7.4.
I am using Windows Server 2003.

What I am trying to do is the following.

I am trying to get working LDAP authentication working so that it can talk to AD on another server so that it will then read the folder permissions so that only designated windows AD groups can access the pages they are allocated and not ones which are hidden from them.

I have two folders named Staff and Students, in each are an installation of Joomla 1.7. The Staff can see the staff and student pages were as students can only see the student pages.

I hope that's clear lol.

now, I have removed the ; in the php.ini for the ldap extension and moved the dll files to were ever there ment to be but now im stuck as most places woffell on and don't give you a step by step dummy's guide.

Please help me..

Re: LDAP Help please.. :cry:

PostPosted: 28. February 2012 09:38
by Dan ATR
This is stupid... done every how to I can find on the net and it still does not work grr... please help... I just need assistance with setting it up :(