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PhpMyAdmin problem upgrading xampplite to xampp [Answered]

PostPosted: 26. February 2012 21:28
by wretched
I've been using xampplite for years and just installed xampp 1.7.7 because I wanted mercury mail.

I installed xampp on the D drive right beside xampplite, copied my htdocs and imported my databases and things were working well.

Then I realized I forgot a table from xampplite. So I opened up xampplite's phpadmin and exported it. Then back in xampp, phpMyAdmin wouldn't work anymore, it was just giving me an error message. After a couple of reboots it now works, but it's giving me the old interface (version 3.4.5). This is the message at the bottom: "A newer version of phpMyAdmin is available and you should consider upgrading. The newest version is, released on 2012-02-18"

How do I get the latest phpMyAdmin interface back in xampp?

I'm on windows 7 and I used the windows installer package.

Re: PhpMyAdmin problem upgrading xampplite to xampp

PostPosted: 27. February 2012 02:55
by hackattack142
XAMPP 1.7.7 comes with phpMyAdmin 3.4.5. If you want the latest version, you will have to go to the phpMyAdmin site, download it, and manually upgrade it.