Tomcat starts on CMD but not on Control Panel Application

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Tomcat starts on CMD but not on Control Panel Application

Postby luizsalomon » 20. February 2012 19:14

Hello there.

Just installed this morning XAMPP. Had some situations with Apache and Tomcat, but got them working.
The control panel I'm using is Version 2.5, which came with XAMPP v 1.7.7, that I downloaded from apachefriends.

If I go to CMD prompt, into tomcat directory and type startup.bat, it will start Tomcat (opening a new window, etc) normally and beautifully.
I can check the status of XAMPP's components on my browser (http://localhost) and see them all green and activated.

My problem is that I can't start Tomcat thru Control Panel Application, even tough I get a "Tomcat Started [Port 8080]", but no running green indication and no running application no more.

Any ideas?

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Re: Tomcat starts on CMD but not on Control Panel Applicatio

Postby JonB » 20. February 2012 19:48

Try using the Beta Control Panel included with the DL in the root of XAMPP


Good Luck

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