Setting up the localhost properly

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Setting up the localhost properly

Postby adam939213 » 12. February 2012 23:34

Hello everyone,

I have been having some trouble setting up the localhost and running websites using xampp. The problem is a follows:

I used to be able to type in "localhost" into the url and hit enter. After doing that it would show me all my folders (of websites) i had created.

Example - localhost/mySite/index.php

However, now when typing in localhost and hiting enter it takes me to localhost/xampp.

I am thinking I need to set a directory in localhost/xampp but I am not too sure

Any ideas on how to fix this problem ?


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Re: Setting up the localhost properly

Postby hackattack142 » 13. February 2012 02:02

You need to either rename or remove the index.php and index.html files in the htdocs folder. The index.php automatically redirects to the /xampp directory.
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