Possible problem: port 80 in use by 'system'

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Possible problem: port 80 in use by 'system'

Postby jerryr » 12. February 2012 10:37

I have the identical problem starting Apache on Windows7; new beta of xampp control says "Possible problem: port 80 in use by 'system' "; I have disabled IIS and it is clearly not running. I do not have VMWare installed, so I assume that the later suggestions are not relevant. Any other ideas?

By the way - I previously had Microsoft Express Web Development System installed, and it automatically started IIS. I ended up uninstalling the MS Web Dev system, and IIS no longer automatically runs. Any ideas on what else is using port 80 and how I can prevent it? Earlier suggestion of checking run Apache as a service on the xampp monitor and rebooting did not work.
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Re: Possible problem: port 80 in use by 'system'

Postby JonB » 12. February 2012 14:34

The first thing is to track down what process is using Port 80.

'System' embraces lots of stuff - including all 'services' as they use services.exe. You need probably two tools.

Look down this page for how to use Task Manager on Windows 7 to see what is tied to port 80. The topic really discusses a situation much like yours.

http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/14147 ... es-process

Microsoft's Process Explorer (free) can show you what is 'buried' under System, and kill a process to test if needed.

http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysi ... s/bb896653

Good Luck
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