parts of phpmyadmin are displayed in German

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parts of phpmyadmin are displayed in German

Postby kb9ngi » 09. February 2012 17:28

I have this version installed, but with the oddest (to me at least) little problem. I chose Enlgish as my language, and localhost shows that I have that, but when I call up mysql, parts of it are displayed in German. I am not sure how the display is constructed, but Google Translate does not see or cannot fix the issue. I looked for a switch on the Mysql page, but I do not see one.

Anyone happen to know what I am missing besides fluency in German? :D

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Re: *** New XAMPP CONTROL PANEL Version 3 ***

Postby hackattack142 » 10. February 2012 01:40

That is not an issue with the control panel. It is merely a utility to manage services and start/stop the various components as well as a few other features.

The issue you are referring to is an oversight in the release. You can easily change the default language of phpMyAdmin. See here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=49343&hilit=phpmyadmin+german

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