Worpress local with Xampp installation issue

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Worpress local with Xampp installation issue

Postby zaltar » 04. February 2012 21:29

Hi, I tried to install Wordpress locally with:
- Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
- Xampp 1.7.7
- Wordpress 3.3.1

- fresh wordpress unzipped in htdocs
- launch xampp
- start Apache and MySQL (Apache is actually using port 80, no other process locked it)
- create new db in phpMyAdmin
- create wp-config.php to match db configuration (db = wordpress, user = root, no password)
- run wordpress installation
- submit site info

After submitting site info I get a blank page with just wordpress banner, neither success nor error message.

- In the db every table is empty but wp_options
- I can access the site but no user is set
- admin isn't created and I can't administrate the site.

I experienced the same exact problem with WAMP and EasyPHP.
Can you help me please?
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Re: Worpress local with Xampp installation issue

Postby JonB » 10. February 2012 09:24

Does phpMyAdmin work correctly???

If so, I'd suggest a WordPress install bug perhaps.
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