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XAMPP Apache Help

PostPosted: 04. February 2012 19:26
by frederiksen
When i try enter my website from a other pc than localhost i wont let me access. Here is a picture of my problem. Please Help!


Please help :)

Re: XAMPP Apache Help

PostPosted: 04. February 2012 20:29
by Altrea
Hi frederiksen,

You are not trying to access your website, you are trying to access the XAMPP Administration page or any other sensitive part of XAMPP. These sites are protected from public access due to security reasons.

Your Website should be anywhere inside your htdocs folder exept the xampp folder.
e.g. your website is in \xampp\htdocs\website\ you can access it by http://ip-address-of-your-xampp/website/

best wishes,

Re: XAMPP Apache Help

PostPosted: 07. February 2012 19:53
by yoinker
Hi frederiksen

It may also be the machine used as your XAMPP host, are there 2 NIC's installed on your host?

Also which Operating System are you running?