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Postby Timothy » 04. February 2012 14:45

Hello all i just downloaded xampp 1.7.7 i got the apache and mysql running in the control panel but now am not sure what to do.

What i am looking to do is transfer php files that i got from another site into the apache server so i can view them as tables.

I downloaded a compressed folder of the API download and put it into the htdocs but not sure where to go from here to view it.

So basically just need help getting php data from another site onto my computer so i can look at it, copy it so i can put it into excel spreadsheet can anyone help?
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Re: Noob

Postby LooseCannon » 20. February 2012 12:29

Hello and welcome Noob.

There's no quick, complete answer to you big question. ... where to start learning Apache and MySQL ...

Try these to start:
0. Start with a very simple web page, without database, just to get it working.
1. Search these forums, eg 'import'.
2. Run phpMyAdmin and consider importing

XAMPP does a lot of the set up work, but you still need to learn the basics. Which is fun,,, no?! ;)

PS: Please use more descriptive thread titles. 'New setup - where to start?' is clearer than 'Noob'. Likely get more/faster help.
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