Can't change Apache Port

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Can't change Apache Port

Postby JosephDuffy » 01. February 2012 18:44

I am trying to change the port Apache uses, from 80, to something like 81 or 1000.
I have gone into the httpd.conf and changed "listen 80" to "listen 81", along with "localhost:80" to "localhost:81". I have saved these changes and rebooted the PC. Apache does not start, and when I go into the control panel and start it, I just get "starting...", but it never does.
Any ideas would be great! :)
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Re: Can't change Apache Port

Postby Altrea » 01. February 2012 23:34

Hi JosephDuffy,

Have you ticked the svc buttons?
If yes, try to untick them first. Running the components as service can end in errors you never had without the services.

Then take a look into your \xampp\apache\logs\error.log. All starting attempts (and possible errors) will be logged there.

best wishes,
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