Running as SVC or not?

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Running as SVC or not?

Postby gwmbox » 01. February 2012 01:40

Can someone explain the difference between running xampp as a service or not>

What is better for a Windows 7 (64bit) install?

One issue I am having is that when I am running a web site audit solution like XENU or Screaming Frog the web server crashes after a while,it says an apache error, I think it might be because of too many resources being used or too many connections, however I have set xenu to a single connection with no additional parallel connections so I am not sure.

Xampp : 1.7.3
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (SP1)
Intel i7 930 @2.8
8 GB DDR3 ram


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Re: Running as SVC or not?

Postby Sharley » 01. February 2012 01:53

There is no need to run any XAMPP component as a Windows service in the recommended development environment.

An XAMPP component Windows service will make a registry entry that will provide instructions to start an XAMPP component when Windows starts and so is not required in a development environment - production use of XAMPP is not recommended.

Manually starting the XAMPP components is recommended and usually presents no problems.

Also using the version 3 control panel may provide better feedback if you are having issues starting any XAMPP component.
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