XAMMP keeps crashing

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XAMMP keeps crashing

Postby natturefrk » 31. January 2012 16:31

I am sorry to bother you guys, but when ever I try to submit a php form for some reason XAMPP just crashes and wont let me do anything. The funny thing is that it worked just fine until yesterday. :idea: I am really thinking that it is a code issue and not XAMPP, cause I completely deleted XAMPP and installed it again and I get the same issue. This could also be the fact that I know very little about this stuff and I am just being a duh and not doing something right. I dont know how to explain it better than this, please forgive me. Please let me know if this a waste of your guys time, cause that is the last thing I wanna do. Thanks for any help.
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Re: XAMMP keeps crashing

Postby JonB » 31. January 2012 22:27

Look in the Apache and php error logs 8)


/xampp/php/logs/error_log (no extension) open with a text editor

Good Luck
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