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SMTP, PHP issue help i am a noob at this.

PostPosted: 26. January 2012 11:45
by hatakescreams
HI all this is my first post by the way so i would like to say hi first, my name is dom, i am learning PHP & MySQL.

So heres the story so far

I got Head First PHP & MySQL, so i downloaded XAMPP and now i am trying to get the SMTP server working with my ISP.

So first i tried the default port (25) with mail sent from=""

then i forwarded that port, then port 465 then the IMAP and POP3 ports and i keep getting the same authentication error,

Then i noticed i need TLS/SSL, and user name and password,

So how do i find theses settings,

Also i noticed that Thunderbird uses my gmail account at port 25,, SSL/TLS authentication on.

Could i use those settings (i have tried but come up with errors i mean once i get the SMTP working)

I know thats a bit confusing but PLEASE HELP! I been here since last friday

Re: SMTP, PHP issue help i am a noob at this.

PostPosted: 27. January 2012 01:08
by Sharley
You may find a solution if you do an advanced forum search for sendmail solved in the XAMPP for Windows English forum, you could also use my name Sharley in the Author box as it may help to reduce the number of posts to read.

You will find many solutions especially if you read the latest posts first as it is recommended that you download and replace the sendmail that came with the XAMPP 1.7.7 release if you need to use SSL/TLS.

Using Mercury Mail is not recommended for your intended purpose of sending emails from within a PHP script.

Good luck. :)

New users may find self help by reading these pages:

readme_en.txt file in the xampp folder.

Some useful reading that may help you help us to find suitable solutions: