Crash enabling LDAP support

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Crash enabling LDAP support

Postby JJules » 25. January 2012 12:45

Hi all,
we have just installed XAMPP 1.7.7 on a test Windows Server 2003 R2 machine.

Everything works fine except for the LDAP integration with our Active Directory. We tried to enable extension=php_ldap.dll from the php.ini file but Apache crashes soon after and it cannot start anymore. We need to uncomment that line and reboot the server to have it working again.

Is this a bug in this current release of XAMPP? How can we enable LDAP support??

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Re: Crash enabling LDAP support

Postby Altrea » 25. January 2012 17:45

Hi JJules,

next time please open your thread in the correct forum, because "XAMPP für Windows" is a german only forum. Because of that, i have moved your topic to the correct place.

To make LDAP run on the current XAMPP version, just copy your \xampp\php\ext\libsasl.dll file additionally to your \xampp\apache\bin\ folder.
After that Apache shouldn't crash anymore if you enable the ldap extension.

best wishes,
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