Complete Noob: Update CP?

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Complete Noob: Update CP?

Postby BlumRat » 22. January 2012 17:29

Hello all. I just started attempting to learn PHP this morning, and I have found that xampp seems like one of the best ways to help me accomplish this. Looking over past problems, it seems like i need to update my CP for xampp, but I am having some problems doing so. When I downloaded the indirect file, I ended up with a .bin? I am not really sure how to use this .bin file in this case though... ? My original problem was that when I ran 1.7.7, I can run MySQL, but I can not get Apache to start.
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Re: Complete Noob: Update CP?

Postby Seedk » 22. January 2012 21:40

Apache is using port 80 , skype is using 80 to. Close skype or change the port for apache:
Go to XAMPP Installation Folder/apache/conf/httpd.conf , search for the string "Listen 80" and change 80 to other number then search for the string "ServerName" and update the port number there also.
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Re: Complete Noob: Update CP?

Postby Sharley » 22. January 2012 23:36

Would you please update your profile with your correct full Windows version as per these instructions and associated information:
Simply adding Windows is not sufficient information for correct support.

The best way to determine why Apache can't start is to read the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file.
This should eliminate any guess work.

Also in the new XCPv3 there is the Netstat button that will tell you what is using the ports that XAMPP components require exclusively.

The update Control Panel download file is a 7zip (.7z) archive file and contains a folder CPv3 which contains the files to drag into the xampp installation folder, then when asked you overwrite the existing files.
First click on the Quit or Exit button in any other control panels you may have open.

The download link to the XCPv3 update topic is in my signature and the direct link provided by Altrea is the best download solution not the Mediafire alternative.

Please post back if you have any more issues with the download or you are not sure about what is using the Apache ports.

Good luck. :)
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