How Do I activate innodb ?

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How Do I activate innodb ?

Postby mac10 » 19. January 2012 14:06

Q: How do I activate innodb ?
Q: How do I know when innodb has been activate ?
Q: What does 'skip-innodb' heading mean & does it need the # for innodb to function ?

I've tried to activate innodb, without any luck.

Ive followed:

Ive edited the 'my' file, at: C:\xampp\mysql\bin
(theres also a file: my_example)
(both file-types are shown as: SpeedDial)

The setup info Ive seen in these files, and in file: readme_en.txt / and on the web, is contradictory... and has not seemed to activate innodb.

So can you please clarify the procedure

originally the line: skip-innodb
...was without the # so I tried adding the # ie: # skip-innodb
...I tried removing the # from: innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:10M:autoextend
...I tried removing the # from all of the code lines listed under: skip-innodb

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Re: How Do I activate innodb ?

Postby JonB » 26. January 2012 18:49

I think the simplest method would probably be to upgrade your XAMPP to either 1.7.4 or 1.7.7. Both come with MySQL 5.5 in which InnoDB is the default engine instead of MyISAM. -- end of problem -- 1.7.4 is a VC6 Apache/PHP compile, 1.7.7 is a VC9 Apache?PHP compile.

Besides InnoDB, you would get many other benefits in the process, including updated PHP and Apache.

Just 'my opinion'.

Otherwise Look Here: ... ngine.html

Good Luck
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Re: How Do I activate innodb ?

Postby WayOfLive » 29. October 2012 12:16

ok, fine, but for Mac OS X the latest version is 1.7.3, right? so how can I activated InnoDB engine in this version?
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Re: How Do I activate innodb ?

Postby Altrea » 29. October 2012 18:24

Hi WayOfLive,

WayOfLive wrote:ok, fine, but for Mac OS X the latest version is 1.7.3, right? so how can I activated InnoDB engine in this version?

Wrong forum for that question.
Please ask that question again in the XAMPP for Mac OSX Forum, so that others who are searching for a solution have the chance to find that thread later again.
Thank you

best wishes,
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