Apache won't start.

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Apache won't start.

Postby matterlord » 15. January 2012 22:25

I have just set up a new Windows XP SB3 32-bit computer to run a server off of. I only have installed three things: 1) Logmein 2)Firefox 3)Xampp
I installed using the latest version of xampp (1.7.7) just yesterday of this post. Everything went smoothly with no hiccups. When it finished it a couple command prompts popped up and they had stuff like " starting mysql". One of them said it couldn't start something then continued on. When the control panel started up it showed mysql and filezilla server running. Apache though was not. When I click on start next to apache it says starting apache on port 80 the doesn't say anything. When I click on it again it says busy then displays the same message. At this point I quit xampp control panel and go to the apache folder in the xampp directory. I then try to start apache with the httpd.exe in the bin folder. It gives me an error message saying that the application configuration is incorrect. I have tried changing the port for apache in it's config files. When that didn't work I changed them back and started scouring the internet. Nothing seems to describe my problem though. Please help.
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Re: Apache won't start.

Postby Sharley » 15. January 2012 23:40

When Apache can't start read the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for possible clues.
Please let me know if there are no log files in that folder.

Also, in the xampp installation folder you will find the version 3 control panel:
First Exit the older version and then use this instead of the older 2.5 version as it has better log window details and creates it's own log file in the xampp folder, also you will see many added features

The latest XCPv3 versions can be found here:
Download and extract all the files and folders from the archive file into the xampp installation folder and overwrite when asked then use this latest version instead but close any other control panels you may have open.
This latest version has more features and more detailed reports in the log window.
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