Failure to create database

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Failure to create database

Postby Schroder » 04. January 2012 11:25

Windows 7
xampp 1.7.7
phpmyadmin 3.4.5

Creating databases in earlier phpmyadmin versions was a snip: create database, add new user, that's it.

But with phpmyadmin 3.4.5, not so.

1 below) add name to create database field, click Create, nothing happens
2 below) going to Privileges, I can see users I have separately set up but no original database

Q: Can you recommend a phpmyadmin 3.4.5 database set-up HowTo guide?

In anticipation, thank you.

(says Richard)


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Re: Failure to create database

Postby Sharley » 05. January 2012 01:02

Hello Richard.

You may have a corrupted phpMyAdmin installation as I have just tested using phpMyAdmin 3.4.5 in XAMPP 1.7.7 and I could create a database newdb and a user with password for that database in much the same way as the previous versions (only slight variations as now there are new frames created and I prefer to right click on the links to create the frame in a new tab).

After I created the newdb database I clicked on Privileges tab and selected Add New User.

I added newdb user name for localhost and gave it a password.

None for database selected.

Then I click Create.

In the list of Users in the Privileges table I clicked on the newdb user so it had a tick in the box then on Edit privileges.

Then under Database specific privileges I clicked on the Add privileges on the following database drop box and selected the newdb database.

Then when the Window changes to add specific privileges I selected Check all and then on Go.

I then received a confirmation window that all was created as I had entered the information.

Next I click on the main Privileges tab to check my new user newdb has:

User: newdb
Host: localhost
Password: Yes
Global privileges: USAGE
Grant: No

All is well and as expected.

I notice that you have created 2 users and granted them Global privileges which is a big mistake.

You should create a password for super user root using the Security menu item in the XAMPP Admin page.

User root should be the only user with Global privileges.

Following the above method you can edit the privileges of any user you create and give privileges to any specific database, in fact change anything related to a user.

Any user you create should only be granted privileges to a specific database only not to Global privileges as this could pose a security threat if ever that username/password combo was compromised.

If your XAMPP installation is suspect then you can follow these instructions to uninstall/install using a different method.

Good luck. :)
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Re: Failure to create database

Postby Schroder » 05. January 2012 11:21

A quick 'thank you' to Sharley. Will study what you say and come back ...

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Re: Failure to create database

Postby Schroder » 06. January 2012 09:45

Hats off to Sharley

"may have a corrupted phpMyAdmin installation"

Actions to quickly resolve it:

Uninstall xampp 1.7.7
Get an older version of xampp from Sourceforge
All is well with the world

Thanks Sharley

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