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server not found

Postby bigt95n » 31. December 2011 16:35

I installed xxamp for windows 6 months ago and everything was working fine. I had several projects going and everthing was greate. Last night I went to work on a project and I got the folowing error.

"The page "http://localhost/scrivenerrx/index.php" was not loaded because Dreamweaver could not find the server "localhost". Please make sure you are connected to the internet and the server name is correct."

I get this no matter what project i'm working on.

Things I have checked:

1. xxamp is up and running.
2. I can open the browser and brows http://localhost/ and the welcome screens opens and I m able to see everything no problem.
3. I click the button to "Discover dynamiclly files and get the error "an unknown error occurred while discovering dynamically-related files"

is there any pay support that help get this solved.

I'm Lost Please comment

Thanks Tony
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Re: server not found

Postby Sharley » 01. January 2012 00:48

There is no paid AF support, we are all unpaid volunteers who help out here. :)

In Things I have tried - 1. and 2. indicate that XAMPP is working as it should.
I have no idea what 3. is - is that a DreamWeaver (DW) button you are talking about?

Just to make sure that this may be a DW setting and not an XAMPP issue read the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for any clues why your project pages are not being served.

Your exact error message would help.

Check your DW settings are still correct you may still have some association with the your project folders and DW that is giving you and issue.

We don't do DW support here, best DW support must be found on the Internet, perhaps by using Google.

Good luck. :)
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