System Idle Process Listening on Port 80

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System Idle Process Listening on Port 80

Postby deanatr0n » 29. December 2011 17:04

Hello everyone,

I recently downloaded xampp for the first time in a while. The installation was very smooth with no errors but when I tried to start the apache service it went on and off quickly or sometimes never displayed that it was working. I can start other services such as mysql but not apache. I then looked at a few tutorials on the internet about this, did some netstats and tasklists in command prompt, and I found out that 'System Idle Process' was listening on port 80, the port apache needs, with a process id of 0.

Is there anything I can do to free up this port or have system idle process run on another port because its annoying having to upload my php scripts to a server and run them though that. Any help?
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Re: System Idle Process Listening on Port 80

Postby Sharley » 29. December 2011 17:17

First please check your \xampp\apache\logs folder and see if there is an error.log file.

If you find one then see if it contains any clues why Apache can't start.

If there are no log files in that folder then download and install the VC9 runtime file from here: ... px?id=5582

Reboot and try and start Apache again.
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