Xampp and MS Visual Web Developer 2008 Express

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Xampp and MS Visual Web Developer 2008 Express

Postby jogun » 28. December 2011 03:59

I have been using Xampp for over a year with no problems. A few days ago I installed MSVSWD 2008 Express which installs something called IIS Express (I presume a version of Internet Information Server) and could no longer access the Xampp Apache server. I kept getting page not found. I changed the port that Xampp uses to 8080 and now I can access pages using localhost:8080 which is some extra typing but not a big problem. However, here is why I'm writing: when I access the Xampp start page and then the status page everything come up as disabled. That is not the case since I ran a page that using php and everything worked just fine. On the status page it says that some changes to configuration pages may cause false disabled messages so I guess that is what is happening, but being of curious mind I can't help wonder why and if there is anything I could do to fix things so that I get correct information on the status of stuff.

My operating system is Windows 7 and I am using Xampp for windows Version 1.7.3.
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Re: Xampp and MS Visual Web Developer 2008 Express

Postby Sharley » 28. December 2011 04:26


Port 8080 is the default port for Tomcat and it may still be better to return the httpd.conf file to the default and disable this IIS Express if you will not be using it.

Having to always add the port number can create issues over time if you are using mostly XAMPP.

IIS not only interferes with Apache but also MySQL, Mercury Mail and possibly the FileZilla FTP Server which may be the reason for the Disabled status messages as IIS E would have the ports in use for those XAMPP components.

Personally I believe that one should use one or the other and not have both IIS and XAMPP trying to vie for the ports.

It may be possible to disable IIS Express
IIS 7.5 Express, you can right click the root node of your web project in the solution explorer and choose “Use IIS Express”. Once you’ve selected this option, a checkbox will appear in the project properties allowing you to enable/disable IIS Express under the “Use IIS” option.
From Developer Dot Com
Perhaps a reboot after disabling IIS E to see if it frees up the ports XAMPP needs.

Best wishes. :)
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