include virtual folder in htaccess file

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include virtual folder in htaccess file

Postby vn412 » 27. December 2011 11:41

I have a problem with htaccess file. My code include folder names that are dynamic.
Now I have a folder "details" which is common. I want my url to be same as written above
But how should i write the code for the virtual folder "username" so that code of the details folder get executed.
I can't write each username folder as they are dynamic.
I hope i put my query clear. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Re: include virtual folder in htaccess file

Postby JonB » 27. December 2011 15:38

virtual folder "username"

why is "username" a 'virtual' folder?

and how is "details" 'common' (which would normally mean it only has a single instance).

This is not a 'XAMPP' issue, but I will set you off in the right direction -

First - "when is a .htaccess directive acted upon"? ... ccess.html

Therefore - You must have already set the 'username' in some global fashion - before your proposed URL redirection can occur.

Second - is there a provision in Apache for 'user directories' (note this applies to 'real' folders) This is the function of mod_userdir ... ml#userdir

Third - "Can Apache point to a 'single instance object, outside its native context?" That is the realm of the 'Alias' directive. ... html#alias

Good Luck
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