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can't get this to work, i have iis installed, getting error

PostPosted: 22. March 2004 13:29
by jonjon
is there something about having iis installed that creates problems for apache? i am clueless, and a newbie as to how this network stuff works. i want to use php. i can't get anything to work. the instructions say click on apache_install service for win 2000 platform. i get this window that says

< OS 10048>"Only on usage of each socket address is normally permitted."

blah, blah

The service name is invalid.

is this cause of the iis?
please help

if i click on apache_start this dumb window pops up and disappears, is this normal?

PostPosted: 22. March 2004 13:45
by Wiedmann
Before you can start the Apache, you must stop/deactivate all software and services those use the TCP-ports 80 and 443.

And IIS ist such a software.

PostPosted: 23. March 2004 05:36
by jonjon
how do i go about deactivating it? i know how to turn it off, but that didn't work. is there more details you can provide for me? thanks.

PostPosted: 27. March 2004 14:59
by snowshark
I don't know how much this will help but I encountered the same problem on my XP system. I downloaded a nifty program called Active Ports (from C|NET@ This showed me what was running on local port 80. I shut down the program using this port and then successfully ran the apache_installservice.bat file, now everything seems to work(touch_wood!!) Good Luck, DOMi


PostPosted: 30. March 2004 16:04
by MAGnUm
start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services

you shoud be able to manage it from there. or better yet if you dont want/need IIS goto add/ remove programs add/remove windows components on the left side of the window and look for IIS (i dont remember off hand where it is). that shoud do the trick.